There’s still time left to join us at CityAge Summit on the New American City December 3-4!

The Summit is bringing together 259 organizations and 73 cities across the US, Canada and Europe for a dialogue on new ideas in business, government and society.

If you are not able to attend this exciting conference, please join us on Monday, December 3 at 7pm at Snow & Co for the KC Startup City Welcome hosted by CityAge and The Kauffman Foundation. Come on out and share your entrepreneurial experience with the individuals and leaders attending CityAge!

For more info, please visit CityAge!

“You know when a conference begins with a jazz session with local saxophone legend Bobby Watson playing in beautiful Helzberg Hall it is going to be special. Over 500 registrants, as of the morning, will gather to learn from some of the best urban thinkers in the world. Kansas City is stepping onto the national stage and our unique voice will be heard as we define what it means to be a New American City. From the the world’s newest cultural gem, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, it is my great honor to chair this national conversation,” said Mayor Sly James.

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Awarded one of seven federal nationwide grants, “The Digital Sandbox” is now another huge step closer to being an innovative dream realized. The goal of this central meeting place is to connect entrepreneurs with large industry and research networks. The space provides a place to test concepts as well as a cooperative atmosphere that accelerates the process of ideas becoming reality.

“The Digital Sandbox…invites established companies, startups and entrepreneurs to come “play in the sandbox” together.” – Michael Stacy, Silicon Prairie News

UMKC-led group lands $1 million grant to foster growth of tech startups

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“Local businesses are thrilled by the new opportunities being brought to bear by both Google and the city.” writes Alex Knapp of Forbes Magazine. Among the excited masses are Tech company startups, who will be provided with a boost from Launch KC. The series of initiatives includes free or reduced rate office spaces in Downtown KC, plans to build a wireless district, server space for tech startups at lower rates, and establishing a tech laboratory at Union Station for use as a “digital sandbox” where developers can test their IT concepts.


Kansas City is boosting its Tech Startups with Launch KC

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According to Emily Maltby of the Wall Street Journal, the success of your new small business depends largely on…yes, location. Featured in her article are seven new industry hubs where startups are thriving and entrepreneurs are flocking. Among them is our beloved Kansas City. Highlighted is the influx of Information Technology companies and professionals relocating from all over the U.S., due in large part to the new high speed fiber network from Google. Excitement has been building all across the Tech industry over the last year. Those that have relocated to the Kansas City area note specifically the friendly and cooperative environment amongst local businesses.


Where the Action Is – Emily Maltby, WSJ


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