Compute Midwest 2013!

 ”Compute Midwest is a 2 day convergence of tech: new people, new ideas and new frontiers in Kansas City.”

You won’t want to miss this conference and the long and talented list of speakers October 25-27. For more information and tickets please visit Compute Midwest – Register

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The federal government will pitch in $20 million more for Kansas City’s downtown streetcars, which should improve the project and may provide local taxpayer relief, city officials said Friday.

“This streetcar project will encourage housing, construction and business development in the city, and that will mean more jobs across the region,” Senator Claire McCaskill said.

“The fact that the feds are on board with it just confirms what we’ve already known, that we’re doing a lot of things right on this project,” said Councilman Russ Johnson


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Kelsey Meyer, the President of Influence and Co, identifies the four key areas of a successful co-working space.

Creating a space for entrepreneurs

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In early August, the Missouri Court of Appeals dismissed two cases against the constitutionality of the 1 cent sales tax and property tax on Downtown businesses for the Streetcar.


‘The three-judge appeals court panel said the deadline for such a challenge had long since passed, and the project should be allowed to move forward.’

‘Streetcar supporters said the ruling showed they had properly followed state law and the taxing approach was legitimate.’


Although taxes have been collected for the project, the pending lawsuits have thus far kept it in limbo. The Streetcar advocates, supporters and fundraisers all hope for their hard work to come to fruition soon.


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For more info about the crowd funding effort AND a video about our Streetcar AND how we are all on board! Let’s Build a StreetCar!

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Meet the Mayors!

Check out Metropolis Mag’s piece on some Mayors you should be paying attention to. Included (and at the top of the heap!) was our very own Mayor Sly James!

“Sly knows how to run a city. Read how our mayor is creating solutions to real-life problems.”

Among his highlighted accomplishments were the Streetcar, the Citizen’s Commission, Google Fiber, Launch KC and the Power and Light Tower.

“We’ve already had development opportunities arise as a result of the streetcar going straight down Main Street,” he says.

“We find ways to get our citizens engaged with city government,” he says, “because we get great ideas from them.”

“Downtown is the heart of the city,” he says. “We’re strengthening our core to be an active place where people of all stripes can come work, play, and live.”

Read all about it! Here: Meet the Mayors



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