(small) Victory for the Streetcar!

In early August, the Missouri Court of Appeals dismissed two cases against the constitutionality of the 1 cent sales tax and property tax on Downtown businesses for the Streetcar.


‘The three-judge appeals court panel said the deadline for such a challenge had long since passed, and the project should be allowed to move forward.’

‘Streetcar supporters said the ruling showed they had properly followed state law and the taxing approach was legitimate.’


Although taxes have been collected for the project, the pending lawsuits have thus far kept it in limbo. The Streetcar advocates, supporters and fundraisers all hope for their hard work to come to fruition soon.


For the full article please visit Kansascity.com

For more info about the crowd funding effort AND a video about our Streetcar AND how we are all on board! Let’s Build a StreetCar!

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